Beautiful and tasty...

If you want to escape from the noise of the city, “Cascina la Demilana” is the perfect place: it is far, but not too far, from the great capitals, and it gives emotions to everyone.
The B&B is placed just a few kilometres from the slopes of the great Monviso and it is also very close to cities with great history and culture,such as Saluzzo with its historic centre, Pinerolo, the city of cavalry, Alba with its fine vineyards, or the entire Pellice valley with its traditions.
In the heart of "taste": in a few tens of kilometers there is the best of Italian food and wine.
If you don’t want to go too far, just get on a bike and ride into the countryside that leads from Bibiana to the Natural Park of the “Rocca di Cavour”: it is a hill about 200 metres high that stands out in the middle of the surrounding plain. Its summit offers spectacular views over the Pinerolo and Saluzzo areas.

A few kilometres towards Saluzzo it is possible to visit the fascinating Staffarda Abbey, one of the largest medieval monastic monuments in Piedmont, built around the mid-1100s and still perfectly intact. It is possible to reach Saluzzo with a comfortable and safe cycle path. You can also use the services of an affiliated riding school near the B&B if you want to enjoy the surrounding countryside on horseback.
Credits: paolofuschino.com
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